The Patterson Companies provides Transportation Management Services (TMS) to over 3,000 large corporate, mid-size and small customers.  Many are noticeable chain stores, many are family-owned businesses, and many are start-up companies.  We develop logistical plans and provide our people with the means to make each individually tailored plan successful.


We value the trusted relationships we have built with our customers.  On a daily basis we RESPECT our customers by providing them fair market pricing for the premier services we provide.  That is why our TMS specialist will secure the proper truck and driver to ensure that we exceed the customer’s expectations.  We are in constant contact with our customers and carriers throughout a shipment.  We promptly address any issues that occur with one of our perishable or non-perishable shipments. 


Specific to the produce business, we recognize that it is a unique niche.  We have decades of experience in securing the proper equipment, building the load, understanding temperature requirements, and managing on-time pickups and deliveries.  We also recognize that the produce business is seasonal and that it is important to work closely with our customers in planning and delivering during peak and non-peak times.


So whether it is a perishable or non-perishable shipment, you can be certain that the Patterson Companies will be committed to delivering, competitive in the pricing, and a credible choice for ensuring that your goods are in safe hands.


We value the role the customer’s business group plays in completing the transaction.  The Patterson Companies work closely with the customer’s business department to understand their requirements in order for a Patterson invoice to be processed and paid.  We RESPECT the fact that the business group needs the required backup for all invoicing and we work closely with the carrier to receive the necessary paperwork.  We take the necessary measures to ensure that the customer is invoiced correctly and in a timely fashion for services rendered.  We also work closely with the business group to ensure that all billing disputes are resolved in a professional and timely fashion.

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