Our Vice President of Transportation Management Services -- Paul Patounis


I joined the Patterson Companies in the 1980’s and have worked closely with our founder, Sam Patterson for over two decades to grow our Freight business into what it is today.  Our consistent focus on fair dealing and operational excellence has allowed us to succeed and prosper in this very competitive marketplace.  We have been committed to our customers, carriers and this space for over two decades.


More recently, I have been amazed by how much technology has changed our business.  As an organization we regularly evaluate our company and the marketplace and continue to reinvent ourselves to remain competitive among our peers.  We continue to invest in our people, organization, processes and technology.  In addition to a significant amount of hard work, much of our success over the years has been attributable to our people and our compliance to “best practices” in the markets we service.


Over the years I have seen many of our competitors fail in this market.  Our values and proven track record makes the Patterson Companies a credible choice for customers to entrust their transportation management needs.  While servicing over 70,000 shipments a year, we can’t guarantee that there will never be a problem, but we can guarantee that when one does occur, we will be prompt, professional and ethical in our response to it.