The Patterson Companies non-perishable shipments are handled primarily through Patterson Freight Systems, Inc.  Our initial entry into the non-perishable business began in the 1980's as a method of reverse logistics for our perishable carriers.  Since then, our non-perishable freight business has grown substantially and in 2009 we serviced over 1,500 customers and delivered over 15,000 shipments.


Patterson Freight Systems, Inc. utilized over 3,000 different carriers in 2009, of which approximately one third carried both perishable and non-perishable loads for the Patterson Companies.  Controlling the reverse logistics of a carrier has proven beneficial.  Through the establishment of a deeper relationship with our carriers, we are able to understand their operational strengths and use them on a preferred basis to service our customer’s needs.


Patterson Freight Systems, Inc. has a well established footprint of servicing customers with loads originating out of all areas of North America.  We have hauled various kinds of freight and specialize in furniture, air conditioning, frozen foods, beverages and other miscellaneous home products.  Our transportation management team members are experts at understanding the complexities and value of the shipments we manage, and work closely with our Carrier base to secure the right truck to service the movement.