The Patterson Companies perishable shipments are handled primarily through Sam Patterson Truck Brokers, Inc. Our roots were established in the produce and other perishables markets dating back to the 1940’s. Produce still remains a specialty and core competency of the Patterson Companies with an excess of 65% of revenues being derived from this source of business. Though we service all growing areas of North America, various ports, and Mexican entry points, we possess a stronghold in produce originating in the Southeastern region of the United States. Our corporate headquarters and most of our over 12 regional offices are strategically located throughout the Southeast. Over the decades we have built deep rooted business and personal relationships with many of the growers, shippers and carriers in this region. Our delivery network of carriers services all destination points in North America. Our primary destination points include the Northeastern US and North Central, and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Our core value for future success in this area is simple:


We do not divorce ourselves from the supply chain participants, we embrace them. We believe that it is this principled approach that allows the Patterson Companies to excel in the produce and perishable space.

We are bonded to the grower and producer community. Our offices are strategically located in the Southeastern US. At Patterson Companies we can honestly say that growers and producers are our family, friends, neighbors and business partners. We understand and value the hard work, dedication, and expense that goes into each temperature sensitive commodity. Our promise is to oversee the transportation process from its origination to its destination to ensure that the products are delivered in a way that exceeds everyone’s expectations.

The shipper plays a key role in ensuring that the truck is properly loaded and on the road as scheduled.We work closely with the shippers to understand their hours of operations and appointment requirements. We RESPECT that the shipping facilities are very busy and we take full responsibility for our trucks arriving on-time. If there is a problem, we are proactive in communicating with the shipper immediately. Similarly, we coordinate closely with the shipper when there are any changes in quantities or product. Our carriers are provided with the proper instructions in terms of pulping products as they are being loaded and we assist in advising both parties if any disagreements arise.

The receiver plays a key role in ensuring that the product is unloaded in a timely fashion and for verifying the quality of the product.We work closely with the Receivers to understand their hours of operations and appointment requirements. We RESPECT that the receiving facilities are very busy and take full responsibility for ensuring that our trucks are on-time and if there is a problem we are proactive in communicating with the receivers especially during peak demand periods. We coordinate closely with the receiver to verify that the quantity and quality of the product are in order. If there are any discrepancies, we work closely with the receiver, the customer and the carrier to promptly resolve situations.