Being that we are non-asset based, we manage relationships with over 4,000 quality truck carriers throughout North America so our customers don’t have to.  Our Carrier base is evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that their equipment and operational practices adhere to our strict standards.


We value the trusted relationships we have built with our reputable carriers.  
We RESPECT the integral part that the carrier plays in the Transportation Management Service we provide.  That is why we offer above market rates and prompt payment to our carriers.  There are many carriers that do not possess the proper equipment, best practices, or trained drivers to carry produce and other perishable goods.  All carriers go through a rigid approval process to become certified as a Patterson carrier, and our over 4,000 carriers are score carded on a regular basis to ensure that they meet our high standards.  Recognizing the complexity of the perishable business, we stay in constant contact and work very closely with the carrier, especially when problems arrive.


Responding to the needs of the truck driver is critical to fulfilling the Transportation Management Service. 
We are extremely sensitive to the needs of the truck driver and recognize that once the truck has been dispatched, they are the key player in ensuring that the product is delivered on-time and in the proper condition.  We RESPECT the fact that the truck driver has a very difficult job and we take every measure possible to assist them each step along the way.  The transportation management team ensures that the paperwork and instructions are clear before the truck is dispatched and remains in constant contact with the driver to assist them if a problem presents itself. 


We manage both perishable and non-perishable shipments throughout North America and are always looking to add new quality Carriers.  If you are interested in becoming a new carrier, please click the link to the right and complete the new carrier packet.  Fax the completed packet to our office at 813-757-6595 for review.


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